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Getting Your Homeschooled Child into University

Our investigation into university entrance began in 2007 when our eldest son was 16. Fortunately, he was clear on what he wanted to do (entomology) and we then worked backwards from there: Read the whole article.

The Habit of Nature Study

The Art of Narration

The Challenges of a Home Educating Mother

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My daughter loved completing the ANZAC Lapbook. It was wonderful to see her love learning, and we proudly display it to show friends and family what a great job she did. BB, QLD

I thought I'd let you know how valuable Phontastic Spelling Tactics has been to my daughter aged 9. 

Your resources have saved me much angst about planning for homeschooling this year, and for that I am very, very grateful. What a wonderful work you have done with the Language Lessons from Australian History

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Grammar Through Copywork is the English book I always wanted but could never find -

how to teach grammar concepts the Charlotte Mason way

with real literature instead of staged examples.