Education Reformation was started to provide Australian home educators with original Australian homeschooling curricula. After many years of home educating my five children, and running a homeschooling supplies businesses, I came in contact with literally hundreds of homeschooling families around the nation. I loved meeting those families and learned so much from them and their unique experiences! Always knowing that there was a desire among these families to use Australian material, I finally got to work writing something. I wanted to do something with my experience and collection of ideas for younger and up-coming homeschooling parents, and our ebooks are the result of that desire.

My first priority was to make a product for my fellow Australian home educators. Although not a Charlotte Mason purist, I found that I was practising many of her methods before I even knew that they were attributed to her. Many of them do come naturally to mothers and so it was with me. My books incorporate CM methods as well as much of my own developed methods. My goal was to make a product that: honours God, is of high academic standard and quality, is easy to use and a blessing for the parent and child alike, and that really works.

We have endeavoured to raise our three sons and two daughters in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and have been home educating for 23 years. A Christ centered education has been our desire, rather than child centred. Our children are growing into men and women of good character and we thank God for the blessing he has made them to us as parents.


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Education Reformation

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