Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide

Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide


by Marion Broida

One of the few books around about the peoples who lived in Judah, as Israel, Phoenicia, and Philistia in Ol Testament times. Beginning with a time line comparing important events in the three cultures, Broida explains what "B. C. E" and "C. E." mean and provides some general background about each group. Later sections elaborate on the individual civilizations, describing history, architecture, clothing, language and writing, work, food, and religion. The author also provides directions for 35 child-friendly projects, ranging from stomping grapes into juice to making a model ship. Although Broida is a secular author who relies on archaeological finds and written historical records rather than religious traditions this book is valuable for the background information that is difficult to get anywhere else. It is a good companion to our Language Lessons from Antiquity.

Frequent sidebars and black-and-white drawings, diagrams, photographs, and charts help to clarify and extend the information. With lists of books, articles, and Web sites, this will be a welcome addition to your ancient history studies.

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