New Mathematics Counts 4

New Mathematics Counts 4

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For Grade 10, or upon completion of New Math Counts Book 3.

For those who like the Primary Maths, 3rd Edition format and math is not considered your childs "strong point", then this series is for you.  It covers all the concepts in other 4-yr programs, but progresses at a slower pace to cover the concepts in 5 years.  No additional workbooks required and students can usually work through this program unassisted.

New Math Counts follows the same format of abstract reasoning supported by slowly introduced concrete examples.  Chapters open with an interesting story or related example, objectives for the chapter, diagrams that help visualize the abstract concepts, highlighted key ideas, worked step-by-step examples, sidebar hints, and more.

Exercises promote a multi-faceted understanding with increasingly difficult questions, activities that force students to remember last-years lessons, and challenge-questions.  Time-out and journaling activities incorporate IT, thinking skills and journal writing tasks for a more interdisciplinary learning experience.

Review papers and "concept checks" help diagnose any weakness.  Ten units cover the topics: Algebraic fractions and Formulae; Travel graphs; further Trigonometry and Bearings; Arc Length, Sector Area and Radian Measure; Statistics and Probability; Revisions on Numbers and Arithmetic; Revision on Algebra and Graphs; Revision on Geometry and Trigonometry; Revision on Mensuration; Revision on Statistics and Probability.  Two-tone pages provide more visual relief than black-and-white illustrations alone.

Paperback.  428 pages.
by Tay Choon Hong, Mark Riddington, and Martin Grier
Answers included at the back of the book.

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