Great Christian Classics vol. 1: Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith

Great Christian Classics vol. 1: Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith


This course can be used for World History (including geography) and/or English Literature for age 15+ or as alternative to LLATL Green, Gray or Gold. Subjects covered: World history: Ancient through Modern; Worldview; Philosophy; English Literature.

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There is a wealth of great literature to study in the history of man, some written by Christians and some by non-Christians. While it is important to survey the writings produced in both the city of man and the city of God, the Christian student should direct special attention to literature produced in the city of God. The empires of man will always crumble and fall, but the kingdom of Jesus Christ will continue forever. This study guide covers five of the greatest life narratives of all time. A thorough study of these great books will help the student understand the life, theology, and worldview of some of the greatest Christian men in church history. This textbook covers Augustine’s Confessions, Patrick’s Confessions, Knox’s History of the Reformation in Scotland, Bunyan’s Grace Abounding, and Paton’s missionary Autobiography.

Kevin Swanson, General Editor: " These writings constitute rare, intimate, and transparent personal narratives concerning the work of the living God in the lives of some of the greatest Christian men in history. To witness in vivid, living colors the work of God in a man's life is to understand it better in our own lives!"

This Textbook Includes:

• Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith (all the above mentioned books in entirety)

• Assignments for each chapter including vocabulary, questions, and essay assignments

• Exams for each book

• Teacher Answer Key

• CD-Rom with all assignments: PDF of the assignments in the textbook in with space for the student to write answers to print if desired.


600 Pages. Hardcover.

SAMPLE PAGES: Ch. 1 Assignments

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