The Art of Cursive Modern Italic Cursive Introductory EBOOK

The Art of Cursive Modern Italic Cursive Introductory EBOOK


by Joelle Grubb

The Art of Cursive combines beautiful art with learning to write cursive. The Introductory Book is the transition book from printing to cursive.

Modern Italic Cursive is a clean, simple font. Sample pages are provided below.
The child first traces and then copies the letters, words and sentences. The first several lessons concentrate on learning the letters and then transition is made to accompanying the later lessons with picture study. The Introductory Book includes a varied selection of European and Australian art.
There are 50 lessons which can be done a couple of times a week thereby lasting one semester. The work can be done more quickly or slowly depending on your child's ability. Extra Practice pages are also included.

Content is identical to the Manuscript Cursive Introductory book.
Aimed at age 8-10
Lines are 11mm.

Sample Pages

65 pages

There will be two other follow-on books in this series each graduating to smaller lines of 8mm and 6mm.

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