The At of Cursive: Modern Italic Intemediate EBOOK

The At of Cursive: Modern Italic Intemediate EBOOK


by Joelle Grubb

The Intermediate Book follows on from the Introductory Book using 8mm lines assuming your child has some experience writing in cursive. Modern Italic Cursive is a clean, simple font. The content in this book and the manuscript cursive book are the same. Sample pages are provided below.

Picture Study and cursive practice are combined in one book. Of a total of 50 lessons, the first twelve are short and require the child to trace and then copy the text. These first lessons include a sampling of various Australian artists and the rest of the lessons include works of Australian artists in chronological order up to the early 20th Century. They are grouped together so your child can learn to identify the distinct styles of each.

Your child will be copying text which includes snippets of biographical information about the artists, comments about the work of art and some Australian poetry. 32 full colour plates (on 19 sheets) showcasing some of Australia's finest works of art.

Sample Pages

Artists include:

Joseph Lycett

Eugene von Guerard

Alexander Schramm

Frederick McCubbin

Jane Sutherland

Tom Roberts

Walter Withers

Arthur Streeton


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