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Grammar Through Copywork is the book  I always wanted but could never find – how to teach grammar the Charlotte Mason way with real literature instead of staged examples. This book uses passages from classic literature for copywork, focussing on grammar concepts. 125 carefully selected passages each teaching a unique grammar concept, suitable for students ranging in age from 7-15 years.

Each passage also has multiple grammar lessons which you can teach as you see the need. Each passage examined carefully noting the grammar usage, and then taken for dictation. 15 mins a day is all it takes! Other benefits include expansion of vocabulary, improved spelling and good models of excellent writing.

The best thing about this book is that it will  also train the parent how to teach grammar from any passage. Concepts covered: Parts of Speech, The Sentence, Punctuation, Clauses. Your child will need a notebook for copying the passages, and an English handbook would be beneficial but not necessary. Answers and Teacher’s Notes included. See product page for samples.

Copywork from Classic Literature is aimed at students aged 12 or 13-15 years. Carefully selected passages from classic literature help improve vocabulary, reinforce grammar and expose the student to complex grammatical constructions, superior written expression and just plain enjoyable reading. Compiled by my oldest daughter, Madeleine. Copywork for this age? you ask. Whilst we do not advocate replacing writing instruction with copywork for this age – progress should be being made in the direction of independent composition – there is still value in writing what you read. Having continued copywork for my older children has benefitted them immensely. This book is also good for children whom you would like to introduce to the classics, but they have been reluctant or resistant. Bite-sized pieces to pique their interest! Passages taken from the works of authors such as Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Alexandre Dumas, GK Chesterton, John Buchan, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Shakespeare and many others.

FREE! Copywork from the Reformers and Puritans was originally compiled by myself with the goal of introducing my sons to theological works. Many of the works of the Reformers can be daunting for young people, and so I gave them some samples to help develop their ability to read them, and let them see just how readable they really are. Learning some basic theology and providing springboards for discussion is also a major benefit of this book. The passages chosen are very clearly reformed and protestant in their perspective. Authors include John Clavin, Thomas Watson, Martin Luther, William Gurnall and John Bunyan. This ebook is free – just email us for a copy.

The Art of Cursive is a course teaching cursive writing. It combines copywork and picture study. Two fonts are availale: Modern Italic and Manuscript.

The introductory level teaches the how-to of cursive writing in first half and includes picture study for the rest of the book as the child masters the forming of the letters.

The intermediate book is further practice on smaller lines and includes Australian art, commentary and poetry.

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