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Singapore maths level 6 and Australian Curriculum compared
We compare the Australian Curriculum with Singapore maths grade 6.
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10 tips to help your child learn maths
Maths teaching tips for homeschool. Here are the things we did that helped make learning maths easier on both the children and me.
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A guide to life after homeschooling
What you do after you've finished homeschooling affects how you educate your kids.
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Living books for the Renaissance and Reformation
Here's our list of living books for the Renaissance and Reformation. Your homeschool history planning is done.
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Why choose Singapore maths?
Find out why so many parents and schools choose Singapore maths and where to get the best Singapore maths programs.
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Quick click book stack February 2021
When you are homeschooling, books for you should be on your list just as much as books for your children. 
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Australian Curriculum and Singapore maths level 2 comparison
Find out what's covered in level two and how it compares.
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Quick click book stack December 2020
As a homeschooling parent reading for self-improvement is key to having a growing outlook as you teach your children.
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Living books for ancient history: Rome
Here are some of our favourite living books for ancient Rome and others that I've found since that are well worth a look.
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