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Singapore maths and Australian Curriculum Year 9 comparison
Compare the Australian Curriculum for year 9 maths with Singapore maths Normal Academic and Accelerated editions. Find which program will suit your child.
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Series books to get hooked on during islolation
What better time than isolation to read aloud an addictive series of books as a family.
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Educate yourself during lockdown
If you are defaulting to entertainment to fill in the time during coronavirus lockdown, here are a few things you could do to make better use of the time.
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Singapore maths and Australian Curriculum Year 8 comparison
Here we compare Singapore maths Year 8 with the Australian Curriculum.
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How to work from home and homeschool
If you are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and feeling anxious about your children being at school, we have some tips for homeschooling while working from home.
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Resources for homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic
If you're keeping your child at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can help with homeschool resources. Planning guides, curriculum, homeschool tips and more.
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Teaching worldview part 2
Homeschooling is your opportunity to teach and build a Christian worldview and culture. Here we explain postmodernism and tips to combat it.
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How to write up a monthly menu and shopping list
Here's how to make a monthly menu and shopping list to get your homeschool day on track. Plus, a free 28-day menu with shopping list and recipes.
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Menu planning for homeschool: Preparation
Menu planning needs a bit of preparation. Here's how to prepare for your menu plan and help make your homeschool day go smoother.
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