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Living books for the Middle Ages
Living books for the Middle Ages We have fond memories of our homeschool study of Medieval times. There are so many tangents from the early church to Vikings, knights and chivalry to kings and queens and more. We read so many great living books for this time period, but of course I can’t list them […]
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Living books for science
Living books for science There is an endless array of living books for science, and this list was difficult to keep short! We’ve included books that our family valued, and also some contributions from customers and friends. I haven’t read them all, but boy, do I wanna! Before we get into the meaty list, let’s […]
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Singapore maths year 7 and Australian Curriculum compared
Here we begin our comparison of highschool Singapore maths with the Australian Curriculum. Year 7 Singapore maths program for homeschool.
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Getting your home educated child into university
Getting your home educated child into university Our eldest child entered Monash University straight from homeschool in 2007, graduated with First Class Honours making him eligible for a PHD scholarship. There have been many more homeschooled kids who have gotten into university and done well. Several universities are welcoming homeschooled students. Years 11 and 12 […]
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Homeschool wisdom
Here's some homeschool wisdom I learned from others that helped me succeed in homeschooling my own kids.
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Tips for teaching homeschool maths
Maths teaching tips for homeschool. Here are a few things you can do to help make maths easier on both you and your homeschooled child.
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singapore maths overview
Singapore primary maths and Australian Curriculum overview
Find out why Singapore consistently and considerably outperforms Australia in maths achievements in our overview of Singapore maths and the Australian Curriculum.
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Singapore maths
With several Singapore maths programs to choose from, this article provides information to help you choose one that best suits your needs.
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How to choose your homeschool maths curriculum
Things to consider when choosing your homeschool maths program. What makes Singapore maths different and why might it be a good choice?
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