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Bank Transfer

BANK TRANSFER is our preferred method of payment, which you can do into the following account:

BSB  814282 ACC 10616497  REF: your name

Please email us when you have made the payment.

Credit Card

You can pay by credit card during checkout.

We do not store your card details on our website or anywhere else.


Can I order ebooks and hard copy books in the same order?

You can order any combination of items in our catalogue, including ebooks and physical items (hardcopy books, dvd’s, games).

Once your order has been processed and sent to you, your order status will be changed to “shipped” and an email sent to notify you. Your order confirmation will be your tax invoice. We no longer send out paper invoices.


EBOOKS - Education Reformation

Upon checkout completion a link to your ebook download will appear on the order confirmation page. Once you click this link, you will have7 days to download it.
If you do not get to download in that time and your link expires,  please email us at info

EBOOKS - Common Sense Press

CSP ebook links will be sent in a separate email, and will not appear in your order confirmation.


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Education Reformation

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