Years 9 & 10

By the time your child is around 14-15, they should be able to work independantly, though it's not the time to just leave them to it. This is a great age for beginning to delve into deeper matters with your child exposing them to more difficult literature, history and worldviews and when they really need your interaction on thinking through important issues. Devote and spend time for discussion. The best resource we have for this age is Great Christian Classics Vol. 1: Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith or Great Christian Classics Vol. 2: Four Essential Works of the the Faith . These two titles can be done in any order and are $75 ea. Utilise narration for all subject areas as a clincher for understanding. Read more in our article The Art of Narration. This is also the time to let your child really go with their interests, work and create.

The resources below are targeted at children aged 15+.


Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gray for year 9, and Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gold American for year 10. Teacher and Student Ebooks $51.

For writing there is Wordsmith Craftsman Ebook $16, providing a self directed program focusing on building, integrating and polishing practical writing skills and Great Explorations in Editing (teacher and student ebooks $24) provides lessons to improve grammar, spelling, writing and vocabulary. A student workbook is also available.

History and Literature

For year 10 we recommend considering Great Christian Classics Vol. 1: Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith which provides a literary interaction with five biographical works of great Christian men who have had significant impact on the church at different times in history. This course will get your student thinking about moral issues,  theology and life application. These books come include a CD with student work ready for you to print. Quality hardback $75 ea.


New Syllabus Maths Book 3 for year 9 and Book 4 for year 10, $135 ea,  Most of the work in Book 3 is equivalent to Australian schools year 10, and the rest is covered in Book 4. We have packaged these books in a set which includes the Textbook and the Teacher's Resource Book (full solutions manual)  to make teaching easier. $135 set of Textbook and Teacher's Resource Book with full solutions. .

New Maths Counts Book 3 for year 9 and Book 4 for year 10 (Book 5 can be done for year 11, but is still only a completion of year 10 maths).


Apologia Biology for year 9 (or Physcial Science if you did Biology first) and Discovering Design with Chemistry for year 10. This latter set has a Lab Supplies Kit available for purchase separately and is very handy to have! If there's one thing I would do if I had my time over again, it would be to buy supplies kits for science, maths and art. They make life so much more organised and easy!

If your child has done Physical Science or Biology, they could do Life of Fred Chemistry, $55.

Joelle Grubb