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Homeschool planning for grade 5

Many children turn a corner at around grade 5 and start becoming more independent with their learning, and may even want more involvement in choosing homeschool curriculum. It is a time when training a child to be left to complete an assigned task on their own should begin in earnest. Copywork is a great option for this training. When doing copywork, make sure you maintain high standards of neatness. It’s tempting for a child to get sloppy with their writing when left to a task, so insist on neat writing.

However independent your child becomes, one thing that we recommend you continue doing with them is reading aloud. We still read aloud to our adult children and they also now read to us. If you need some inspiration on what books to read, ehre are a few lists to make your life easier:

English and History

Language Lessons from Australian History Level 2 is suited to children aged 9-11 and teaches English and Australian History simultaneously. A basic knowledge of grammar is required, however an older child will cope fine with the grammar instruction as it is mainly reinforcement with more expectation and heavier workload than Book 1, with a few more advanced grammar concepts included, e.g. use of semi colons. The child is also required to read more advanced books.


New Syllabus Primary Maths Grade 5

For more information on how this Singapore maths program compares with the Australian Curriculum for grade 5, read our comparison. To find out more about how New Syllabus Primary Maths works, read our program description.


Phontastic Spelling Tactics will supply spelling instruction based on British spelling rules and provide more copywork. The copywork in this book focuses on giving practice with the rules. Phontastic Spelling Tactics is a good supplement to Learning Language Arts Through Literature which has US spelling.


This is the best time to begin formal grammar and what better way to do it than with real classic literature. Our ebook Grammar Through Copywork is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum using classic literature to teach grammar concepts. With this method, there is also the opportunity to improve spelling and written expression by providing excellent models, so it’s always a win-win. This book provides lessons from beginners right through to advanced grammar and is a great resource for children learning to become independent with their lessons.


If you want to use some of your read alouds as a basis for more concrete lessons, Progeny Press study guides are a great resource. They include vocabulary lessons using words from the novel, literary techniques, moral lessons and character values, activities and writing assignments as well as comprehension and thought questions.


An easy to use writing course perfect for grade 5 students. It encourages students to develop their writing skills as they participate in every role on a newspaper staff: editor, reporter, writer, etc. Children develop a love for writing as they express themselves through sentence and paragraph writing, persuasive writing, and much more.


If your child has done LLATL Orange he /she can go straight on to Learning Language Arts Through Literature Purple. If you have had a break from LLATL or are wanting to begin using it, we suggest doing a placement test to see if this is the right level for your child.

LLATL Purple has more American content than other levels due to it being written to coincide with the year American history is studied in the United States. However, this can be supplemented or replaced with either Language Lessons from Australian History Book 2 or our ANZAC Day and/or Who’s on the Money lapbooks if you wish. Having said that, the readers for LLATL Purple are universal classics and very appealing.

This level continues to build on composition, grammar, study skills, reading and literature, and spelling.

If you want to supplement the readers in LLATL with some Australian material you could assign either or both of these great Australian classic biographies: A Fortunate Life (Young Reader edition) or The Little Black Princess.

Handwriting and Copywork

If your child has done The Art of Cursive Introductory book, he/she can move on to The Art of Cursive Intermediate book. This book focuses on Australian Artists and works well with Language Lessons from Australian History providing copywork and picture study. There is a choice of two fonts: Manuscript Cursive or Modern Italic.


If you like a living books or Charlotte Mason approach to history, Beautiful Feet’s Ancient History guide is a good choice for grades 5-8. A guide gives you structure to a living books learning style, keeping you on track, but still allows for flexibility. Plenty of books to read and activities to do. It takes you from Beginnings right through to the birth of Christianity, covering Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece and Rome.

Following is this guide is the Medieval History Guide. Take your pick.

Hands-on activities add depth to the history while vocabulary lists, comprehension questions, research topics, and website links make this an academically strong study.

There are 97 lessons, which will take a year if done at a pace of 3 per week.Australian History using ANZAC Day Lapbook or Who’s on the Money Lapbook.


Grade 5 or 6 is the final year that Berean Builders primary science series can cater for, however you might want to consider doing any  of the titles in this series.

Grade 5 is also a time when many children become more confident in drawing and better able to keep a nature journal.

My Australian Nature Journal is an ideal resource for giving your child some guidance with this.

As your child becomes more independant and tech savvy, a digital microscope could be a great boon to their science studies.


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