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Homeschool planning for grade 6

By around grade 6, if your child has already done a good amount of science using Science in the Beginning or Apologia’s Young Explorer series, and if science is their strength, they may want to try Apologia’s highschool General Science. If they are not quite ready for this one, you may choose to give science a rest for a while or choose one of the books the child hasn’t tried yet.

If you choose to not do science you could use this year to concentrate on developing vocabulary which, along with essay writing, will be the single most important skill your child will need for university preparation. Wide reading is the best vocabulary builder,  and deliberate learning and usage of new words will help accelerate your child in every subject area. Learning Latin or at least Latin roots is also an excellent way to increase vocabulary.

The maths programs we sell all bring the student to this final primary grade level in preparation for highscool maths programs. If you have used any of the Singapore primary maths programs consistently, your child will be well prepared.

A great option for something a little bit different for English is Life of Fred Language Arts. This is a four book series, the first book being Australia (covering plurals, mood, relative pronouns and much more), next is Begin Teaching (run-on sentences, poetry terms, subject-verb agreement and The Australian Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act – just what you’ve always wanted to know about, and a lot more ), then Classes (covering the seven parts of speech among other things) and finally Dreams (covering more punctuation, compound verbs, complex sentences, conjunctive verbs, etc). These are great books to accompany Grammar Through Copywork, or to cap off your formal grammar program at a more leisurely pace.

Option 1 Grade 6

English and History

Language Lessons from Australian History Book 3 is aimed at children aged 11-13 and will help prepare them for more challenging work expected in highschool. Advanced grammar and essay writing are taught and more advanced readers are assigned (as optional reading). Your child will be expected to progress from oral to written narrations and will be taught, and expected to present, an oral presentation. Other Charlotte Mason aspects such as picture study, copywork and artist study are continued. Australian history is taught using living books, of which Our Australian Story is the main text.



Phontastic Spelling Tactics is ideal for this age and can be done independently. This course reinforces the spelling rules and using copywork from great literature.






Our ebook Grammar Through Copywork is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum using classic literature to teach grammar concepts. With this method, there is also the opportunity to improve spelling and written expression by providing excellent models, so it’s always a win-win. This book will provide lessons for beginners right through to advanced grammar.





New Syllabus Maths Grade 6

Grade 6 completes the primary component of Singapore maths and prepares the student for high school maths. Singapore maths has produced top class maths students.

You can read more about how New Syllabus Primary Maths Level 6 compares with the Australian Curriculum here.

What is Singapore maths? Find out here.





Science in the Atomic Age follows on from any of the books in the Berean Builders Elementary series. If your child has done any of the Berean Builders Elementary series and has a bent towards science, this course can be done at year 6. You may need to assist your child more at this age.

It starts with teaching students about atoms, molecules, the chemicals that are necessary for life, DNA and cells. These topics are all discussed in the context of history, explaining how specific scientific advances led to the scientific explanations that the students are being taught. This allows students to learn not only the current scientific understanding of these topics, but also how scientists reached that understanding.

Then the course uses what the student has learned to describe the living world. Students learn how cells work together to make tissues, how tissues come together to make organs, how organs form organ systems, how those organ systems produce organisms, and how those organisms relate to one another in populations and communities. The student then learns how those communities interact with the physical environment to form ecosystems, which then form biomes. Along the way, students learn about fascinating new discoveries such as the function of the human appendix, the human microbiome, and soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils. Throughout the course, God’s design in nature is highlighted, and topics in the creation/evolution debate are discussed.

Experiments and other hands-on activities are done throughout the course.


The Art of Cursive Intermediate also provides copywork and picture study.





Optional extras


For extra practice you could complement your maths progam with Primary Maths 6 Extra Practice or Challenging Word Problems 6.




Option 2 Grade 6



Learning Language Arts Through Literature Tan is next if your child has done LLATL Purple. If your child is new to LLATL or you have had a break from it we suggest you have your child do a placement test to determine if this is the right level to use.



Phontastic Spelling Tactics which teaches British spelling is perfect as a supplement to any American spelling program.


New Syllabus Maths Grade 6


Apologia’s Young Explorer series or for the science inclined child Apologia’s General Science (high school). The General Science text is available in book or audio form (great for auditory learners and travelling!) and also has a Student Notebook for written work.


Australian History using ANZAC Day Lapbook or Who’s on the Money Lapbook


Art of Cursive Intermediate – Manuscript or Modern Italic.

Optional Extras

Life of Fred Language Arts is a great complement at this level and will add more fun to your English lessons.

Maths: For extra practice you could complement your maths program with Primary Maths 6 Extra Practice or Challenging Word Problems 6.


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