Year 7

Year 7 Homeschool Planning

Many people are daunted all over again when it comes to teaching highschool at home. If you’ve come this far, don’t give up now – you’ve obviously done a good job so far.  If you are wondering how to tackle highscool it is a good idea to think 4- 6 years ahead and decide where you and your child want to be by then. Although it is not possible to predict accurately with most children, it is better to look ahead and think backwards to formulate a plan than have none at all. You will change and tweak the plan as you go.

It is not uncommon for homeschooled children to be working at year 12 level by age 16 and thus a 4-6 year plan is best. Motivated children will make the most of their time, and if they can get a good handle on essay writing and are reading often and widely by age 16, you have a lot more choices open to you for the next two years. But more about that in the articles for planning for higher grades. The thing to do at this level is to make a plan.

English and History

Language Lessons from Australian History Book 3 is aimed at children aged 11-13 who still need a little grammar instruction. Advanced grammar and essay writing are taught and more advanced readers are assigned (as optional reading).

Your child will be expected to progress from oral to written narrations and will be taught, and expected to present, an oral presentation.

Other Charlotte Mason aspects such as picture study, copywork and artist study are continued. Australian History is taught using living books, of which Our Australian Story is the main text.


If your child has done LLATL Tan or LLAH Book 3 they will be able to go on to Learning Language Arts Through Literature Green, a broad course covering all aspects of English using good literature. Otherwise, we recommend a placement test to see which level your child needs. You will need LLATL Green Student Book, Teacher Book ebook versions and the three novels.


If you want to get away from a formal grammar program and would like an easy, fuss-free way to brush up on grammar concepts, our ebook Grammar Through Copywork is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum using classic literature to teach grammar concepts. With this method, there is also the opportunity to improve spelling and written expression by providing excellent models, so it’s always a win-win. This book provides lessons for beginners right through to advanced grammar.


The best highschool maths program we have is New Syllabus secondary maths, 7th Edition, Book 1 for Year 7. There are four books in this accelerated series which takes the student up to Singapore ‘O’ Level, which is the Australian Year 11. Your child will be prepared for this course no matter which Singapore primary maths program they have used. The New Syllabus secondary maths advances more quickly than Australian highshcool maths programs. However, there is no pressure to complete a whole book every year and you can slow down to the pace that suits your child.

The Teacher Resource Books give full worked solutions and teacher’s notes as does the workbook solutions manual.

If you child is not maths inclined you might consider the Normal Academic stream, which covers years 7-11 in five books. It has fewer problems in the exercises than the accelerated series and progresses at a slower pace..


Science in the Atomic Age follows on from any of the books in the Berean Builders Elementary series. It starts with teaching students about atoms, molecules, the chemicals that are necessary for life, DNA and cells. These topics are all discussed in the context of history, explaining how specific scientific advances led to the scientific explanations that the students are being taught. This allows students to learn not only the current scientific understanding of these topics, but also how scientists reached that understanding.

Then the course uses what the student has learned to describe the living world. Students learn how cells work together to make tissues, how tissues come together to make organs, how organs form organ systems, how those organ systems produce organisms, and how those organisms relate to one another in populations and communities. The student then learns how those communities interact with the physical environment to form ecosystems, which then form biomes. Along the way, students learn about fascinating new discoveries such as the function of the human appendix, the human microbiome, and soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils. Throughout the course, God’s design in nature is highlighted, and topics in the creation/evolution debate are discussed.

Experiments and other hands-on activities are done throughout the course.

Optional Extras


Life of Fred Fractions and Life of Fred Decimals and Percents for some fun preparation for Algebra.


Copywork from Classic Literature is designed to encourage your child to read more slowly and learn by example from the great classic writers.  Copywork of these passages will help improve grammar, punctuation and vocabulary as well as encourage the development of a more formal writing style so necessary for essay writing in higher grades.



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