Year 8

Year 8


If your child has done LLATL Green then they can go on to Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gray. If they have just done Language Lessons from Australian History Book 3, you can do either LLATL Green or Gray.  Vocabulary building exercises bring meaning to vocabulary in context making it useful in everyday language. Also included is a five week Writing Unit designed to prepare students for high school writing and research as well as continued study in prefixes, suffixes and roots words. Four book studies are designed to expand your child’s understanding through various activities involving reading and writing skills. Both the Teacher and Student books are needed for this program.



By this age your child should have enough grammar, however, some students benefit from a light review. If you want to get away from a formal grammar program and would like an easy, fuss-free way to brush up on grammar concepts, our ebook Grammar Through Copywork is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum using classic literature to teach grammar concepts. With this method, there is also the opportunity to improve spelling and written expression by providing excellent models, so it’s always a win-win. This book will provide lessons from beginners right through to advanced grammar.

More copywork for this age can be done from Copywork from Classic Literature.




Singapore maths programs for high school inlcude New Syllabus Maths Normal Academic or New Syllabus Maths 7th Edition (an accelerated program). The Normal Academic is a five year course from year 7-11.

The New Syllabus Maths 7th Edition is more suitable for maths inclined or above average students covering years 7-11 in just four books. It has more problems and moves at a faster pace than the Normal Academic course.

New Syllabus Secondary Maths Book 2 covers year 8. See the product description for concepts covered and check out how it compares to the Australian Curriculum.


If you like a living books approach to history and need some structure to make it work, Beautiful Feet history guides are a good choice. The BF Guide to Ancient History for intermediate grades (5-8) is suitable for year 8 if you haven’t done any ancient history since early grades. It uses literature about ancient cultures and hands-on activities to teach history from a Christian perspective. Beautiful Feet also publishes a Medieval Intermediate Teacher Guide.

You will need to buy readers to go with this curriculum, but you may have some of them already on your shelves.

As well as the literature and hands-on activities, there are vocabulary lists, comprehension questions, research topics and web links to make this both an academically strong study and one that will encourage stimulating discussions.


Berean Builders Discovering Design with Earth Science is the course designed for year 8, though students who have been to school may be more comfortable with this course in year 9. There is also a lab kit to go with it. It covers the general properties of the earth’s geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. There are roughly 55 hours of laboratory instruction in the course. Experiments include mineral tests, rock analyses, fossil studies, density investigations and magnetic property explorations.

The textbook and teacher guide with answers are sold together.



Copywork from Classic Literature is ideal for this grade level. It is a compilation of passages from well known, good quality classic literature.

Copywork trains your child in the skill of reading slowly, teaching them to take careful note of what is being said in the passages. It’s a good vehicle for developing vocabulary and improving grammar, punctuation and writing ability through well written models.


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