The latest homeschool books for the teaching parent

The latest homeschool books for the teaching parent

It is not only important for your family to build a homeschooling library for the children, but you need books just for you as well. Whether it’s to help you teach, gain encouragement or open your mind to new ways of doing things, homeschooling parents need books too. Here are some of the latest homeschool books for parents that you should check out.

Some of these books you will read once and some of them you will return to again and again to refuel your knowledge and inspiration as you continue to homeschool your children. After you have read the foundational classic books of the homeschooling movement, keep an eye out regularly for newly released homeschooling books to add to your library.


The Brave Learner

by Julie Bogart with forward by Susan Wise Bauer

Julie Bogart is a veteran homeschooling mum of five children. She is the award winning creator of the Brave Writer program and founder of Homeschool Alliance (considered a supremely useful online resource by homeschoolers, now found at It is important to mention that Susan Wise Bauer is a giant in the homeschool world and has influenced many educators besides homeschooling parents. She is the creator of The Well-Trained Mind, the foundational guide for classical education. For The book to have her blessing speaks volumes.

The book, The Brave Learner helps homeschooling families find magic in their everyday homeschooling experience. It is written for parents who probably don’t give themselves enough credit when it comes to caring for and educating their children, so if you’re feeling a bit lacking in confidence in your ability to homeschool, this book could be good for you. This book encourages parents to nurture a love of learning, to remove self doubt, and to make education exciting even in the midst of the day-to-day pressures of daily life.

Bogart encourages parents to make room for experiences bringing excitement and enhancement into their children’s lives. In the end, the goal is to add ease to their lives, and not stress. After reading the book, you’ll be motivated to continue to fill your child’s life with curiosity and joy and have the support from your homeschooling community that you need to take risks.


Christian Homeschooling Minus the Stress

by Sue Rumsley

This is a practical homeschool book from a Christian perspective. It’s designed to give mothers support to help prevent homeschool burnout that can be caused from the stress of comparing yourself to other homeschoolers. This book is a grounding force that encourages trust in God, and has supporting scriptures to guide you along the way. It provides information on pitfalls to avoid and leads you toward successes to embrace. It is also a practical and detailed guide through the entire homeschool process including financial tips, food preparation and getting household duties done in a home full of children. A great book for both new homeschool mums and those who have been travelling the road for a few years and feel the need to reassess.

The Four Hour Homeschool Day

by Durenda Wilson

Sound good to you? Yup, you can do it. In The Four Hour School Day, the author discusses the lifelong advantages of teaching children at home, not only for the strength of the child’s education, but also for the health of the entire family. Durenda Wilson is a 25 year + homeschool veteran and parent of 8 adult homeschooled children. Her ideas are sound, and well tested and you can trust her to demystify homeschooling for you. The book includes inspiring stories about different types of parents to provide inspiration, encouragement and practical advice. This book allows you to relax into this abbreviated schedule and still do a stellar job.

The Self Driven Child

by Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson

This secular book is not specifically about homeschooling, but is relevant and helpful none the less. It advocates giving your kids more control over their lives. The authors report that they noticed an uptick of high performing kids becoming extremely stressed and lacking motivation. The students were expressing a lack of control over their lives, and many of these students’ lives began to unravel before high school graduation, or in college.

Bill, a clinical neuropsychologist specializing in childhood anxiety and Ned, a motivational coach who runs an elite tutoring service discovered that the antidote to stress is giving kids autonomy over their lives. But this doesn’t mean giving up your authority as a parent, they say. It offers a different approach in which parents can guide their children on the road to success. The book mentions techniques and tools to help actively help your child to sculpt a resilient brain, making them ready for new challenges. The book discusses cutting-edge brain science, discoveries in behavioural therapy, and case studies drawn from kids that the duo have helped over the years. In short, the book is meant to help parents guide their children to making their own decisions so they feel like they have control in their lives.


Homeschool Made Simple

Carol Seid

Not technically a book, this workshop series provides 3 hours of video instruction for homeschooling mums. It covers:

  • Educational philosophy
  • Age-appropriate learning
  • Encouraging spiritual growth
  • Teaching children to read great books
  • Building a curriculum
  • And much more

If you’re in lockdown, pining for a homeschool seminar and in need of some balm for your homeschooling soul, this is for you. Having homeschooled for 30 years, Carol has the experience it takes to simplify your homeschooling life and give you the confidence you need.

The Question

by Leigh Bortins

If classical homeschool education appeals to you then you’ll want to add The Question by Leigh Bortins to your personal library before your kids  get to about year 6. As the classical homeschool model is set up on a cycle of historical content through four time periods (three times), this book directs you through the second trip through the curriculum, this time providing more advanced questions and prompts to help the students think through the material at a more advanced level. If you’re not engaged in the classical education model, this book could be a difficult read.  Leigh Bortins is the founder of the homeschool model and program called Classical Conversations. Some people love it, some people don’t. The strong Christian bent it puts onto a classical education may not suit secular families who want academics without the Christian worldview. Other books by Leigh Bortins include The Core, The Conversation, and Foundations.

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