Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 4B Textbook

Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 4B Textbook

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This is the second of two textbooks for level 4.  This level also includes 4 workbooks and 2 optional Home Instructor Guides.

Primary Maths uses the Concrete --> Pictorial --> Abstract teaching method.  Students are provided withthe necessary learning experiences beginning with the Concrete and Pictorial stages, followed by the abstract stage to enable them to learn maths meaningfully.  This program encourages active thinking processes, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving.

At appropriate intervals, students are instructed to complete activities in the relevant workbook to reinforce the concepts just taught in the textbook.

Textbook 4B Chapter contents:

1.  Decimals
     a.  Tenths
     b.  Hundredths
     c.  Thousandths
     d.  Rounding Off

2.  The Four Operations of Decimals
     a.  Addition and Subtraction
     b.  Multiplication
     c.  Division
3.  Measures
     a.  Multiplication
     b.  Division

4.  Symmetry
     a.  Symmetric Figures

5.  Solid Figures
     a.  Identifying Solid Figures

6.  Volume
     a.  Cubic Units
     b.  Volume of a Cuboid

Also includes 5 cumulative reviews.

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