Adam and His Kin

Adam and His Kin


History doesn't have to be drab.  This book is entertaining, informative and remarkably easy to read.  Though not a novel, it weaves into one continuous story information from many sources, including linguistics, archaeology, astrononmy and other sciences; the Bible and other history; and ancient traditions and religions.  It is neatly arranged within the timeline as given in the Bible.  This excursion through an almost forgotten world provides startling insights on many old questions:

Have History textbooks told us the truth?
How did mankind learn language?
Where did the skills of civilization begin?
Why do ancient writings refer to a year of 360 days?
What actual events lie behind the mythologies of the world?
Who kept alive the memory of the distant past?

Illustrated paperback.  176 pages.
For ages 13 to adult.
By Ruth Beechick.

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