Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Student EBOOK

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Student EBOOK


With literature as a basis, this innovative program uses an integrated approach as it takes your students through all the activities needed to learn reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing, research, study skills, creative writing, poetry and higher-order thinking skills.

Everything you need in one book: student instruction, a place for writing, and a tool for easy record-keeping.  Allows for more independent student work and less work for the teacher.

Samples of Manual

Sample of Book Studies

Student Activity Book features:
1.  32 weekly lessons.
2.  Book Studies:  using four classic reading books.
3.  Everyday Words:  taken from literature to teach grammar, spelling,
       and writing through dictation and activities.
4.  Newspaper Unit:  paragraph writing, vocabulary, research, creating a newspaper.
5.  Research Unit:  fact-gathering, note-taking, writing research papers.
6.  Journal Writing:  map-making, caption creating, perspective writing.
7.  Creating Books:  story writing, book binding.
8.  Review Activities follow most lessons providing additional skill practice.
9.  Teacher Notes and answers are in the margin of the Orange Teacher Book.
Additional creative exercises that expand knowledge and skills:
1.  Word Puzzles:  reinforce vocabulary training with crossword and other puzzles.
2.  Analogy Study:  step by step instruction on important concept relationships.
3.  Logic and Reasoning:  activities and excercises requiring abstract reasoning.
Answers for these Enrichment Activities are located in the Orange Teacher Book.

Sequential order of Reading Books used for Book Studies in this program:
1.  The Boxcar Children,  by Gertrude Warner
2.  Wilbur and Orville Wright:  Young Fliers,  by Augusta Stevenson
3.  Benjamin Franklin:  Young Printer,  by Augusta Stevenson
4.  Sign of the Beaver,  by Elizabeth Speare

Answers are only found in the Teacher Book and you will waste a lot of time if you try and use this Student Activity Book on its' own.

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Paperback.  256 pages.
For ages 9 to 11.
By Debbie Strayer.

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