Key summary of Learning Language Arts Through Literature

LLATL is a fully integrated language arts program that teaches grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing mechanics, creative writing, thinking skills and more. For example, a basal program may teach adjectives separately from other skills. The student may be asked to fill in blanks with adjectives and circle them in a paragraph. This may give your student a clue about adjectives, but does not translate into their practical use of adjectives in their writing. In LLATL, your student may read literature passages that use adjectives and may also be asked to read the passage without the adjectives and decide how important they are to the understanding of a story. Another activity may include writing a descriptive sentence or paragraph about a picture using adjectives or rewriting the passage using different adjectives. These activities not only teach language arts skills in addition to adjectives, but your student will incorporate the skills into their everyday writing.

The goal of any language arts program should be to equip the student for a lifetime of communication through the written and spoken word. With LLATL, your student will acquire a deeper understanding and a greater interest in the language arts subjects. Real books are used in the reading lessons, complete with vocabulary words, discussion questions and a variety of activities. Reading real books instead of basal stories makes reading a joy and the beginning of a lifelong adventure for your student. All grade levels are written for a 36-week school year but can be used at whatever pace is appropriate for your child or adapted to any particular school year length.

American Grade Level            Approximate Australian         Book Colour

                                                      Grade Level                        

Grade 1                                                                    Prep/Grade 1                                                            Blue

Grade 2                                                                   Grade 2                                                                      Red

Grade 3                                                                   Grade 3                                                                      Yellow

Grade 4                                                                   Grade 4/5                                                                 Orange

Grade 5                                                                   Grade 6/7                                                                 Purple

Grade 6                                                                   Grade 8                                                                     Tan

Grade 7                                                                   Grade 9                                                                     Green

Grade 8                                                                   Grade 10                                                                    Gray

High School Grade 11 Gold American, British or World

High School Grade 12 Gold American, British or World

Scope and Sequence

Placement Tests

Blue Book Placement Test

Red Book Placement Test

Yellow Book Placement Test

Orange Book Placement Test

Purple Book Placement Test

Tan Book Placement Test

Green Book Placement Test

Gray Book Placement Test

Gold Book Placement Test


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