LLATL Red Book Complete Package

LLATL Red Book Complete Package


PLEASE NOTE that this package now only includes EBOOK versions of the Student Book, Teacher Book and the 6 readers.

First-time users start here, this is all you need. With literature as a basis, this innovative program uses an integrated approach to teach phonics, reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, handwriting and higher order thinking skills. The Red Book Package includes a Teacher Book EBOOK, Student Activity Book EBOOK and 6 Readers (PRINT).

Teacher Book features: 1. 36 weekly lessons divided into easy-to-use daily plans. 2. Phonics: Includes a quick review of first grade phonics and instruction in advanced phonics. 3. Handwriting Skills: Instructions and work pages included. 4. Teacher friendly, with little or no preparation needed. 5. Review Activities follow most lessons providing additional skill practice. 6. Assessments help teachers to evaluate student's progress. 7. Phonics Facts, Grammar Guides, and Punctuation Pointers aid students in remembering the tricks of the trade for reading, grammar, and spelling. 8. Teacher Notes and answers are in the margin of the teacher book. 9. Skills index provides an easy reference for locating page where skills are taught. Student Activity Book features: 1. Games, word-wheels, flip books and other hands-on projects and activities. 2. Spelling lessons include spelling lists, word puzzles and spelling tips. 3. Handwriting instruction teaches upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation. 4. Illustrated practice sheets to encourage your student to do their best. Note: The Green, Brown and Purple pictures on the back of the Student Manual are not individual reading books, they are individual stories found in each of the six reading books that come in the Red Book Package. 6 Individual Readers included in the package: 1. All Around the Farm, by Yuriko Nichols 2. Famous People, by Yuriko Nichols 3. Forest Fables, by Yuriko Nichols 4. In, Out, and About Catfish Pond, by Charlotte Graeber 5. Underwater Friends, by Lieba Gouin 6. Up, Down, and Around the Rain Tree, by Charlotte Graeber Sequential order of "Real Book"

Readalouds used in this program: (These are not included in the price of this package. Please see note after listing)

1. A Tree Is Nice, by Janice May Udry 2. Little Bear, by Else Holmelund Minarik 3. The Fire Cat, by Esther Averill 4. Bravest Dog Ever, by Natalie Standiford 5. Ox-Cart Man, by Donald Hall 6. Corduroy, by Don Freeman 7. The Little Island, by Golden MacDonald 8. Billy and Blaze, by C.W. Anderson 9. Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion 10. Abraham Lincoln, by Ingri D'Aulaire Note: Publisher lists above 10 titles as necessary to complete this program. These items are available to purchase, but some parents have found that they can substitute these books with their own books by adapting the questions in the Teacher Book. Teacher and Student Books may be purchased separately. 

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