LLATL Red 3rd Ed Student Activity Book EBOOK

LLATL Red 3rd Ed Student Activity Book EBOOK


This item is included in the Red Book Package.

36 weekly lessons divided into easy-to-use daily plans. Lessons require little or NO preparation! Instructions and activities for phonics, reading skills, grammar, creative writing, and higher-order thinking skills taken from six delightful readers!  Includes a quick review of first grade phonics and instruction in advanced phonics. 
The "real book" read alouds needed for this program may be obtained through your library or purchased from bookstores or catalogs.
Enrichment Activities included in The Red Book Program will challenge your student with thinking, writing, and creative activities that are ideal for the fluent reader and easily adaptable for the nonreader.
Handwriting instruction teaches upper and lower case letters, numbers, PLUS punctuation! Illustrated practice sheets encourage your student to do his best.
Phonics Facts, Grammar Guides, and Punctuation Pointers keep students on track.
Games, word-wheels, flip books, and MORE hands-on projects and activities are effective for ALL types of learners.
Spelling lessons include spelling lists, word puzzles, and spelling tips.
Assessments enable teachers to evaluate progress. Phonics Facts, Grammar Guides, Syllable Sense, and Punctuation Pointers aid students in remembering the tricks of the trade for reading, grammar, and spelling.

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The publisher lists 10 book titles in this manual as necessary to complete this program. These items are available to purchase, but some parents have found that you can substitute these books with your own books and adapt the questions in the Teacher manual to the book you are using as a substitute. Requires the Teacher Book to use this manual. Paperback. 384 pages. For ages 7 to 9. By Debbie Strayer.

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