Pre-Primary Mathematics 1A

Pre-Primary Mathematics 1A


Singapore maths: First of four books for Pre-School in the 2-year Pre-School/Kinder program designed to develop early-childhood numeracy and give pre-primary children a solid foundation in mathematics. 

It is assumed that the child can write the numbers 1-9 and begins with activities reinforcing these. Practice is given for numbers 11-15. along with activities.
This series can be used before any other Singapore primary maths program including 3rd Edition, U.S. Edition and New Syllabus Maths.

Skills taught:

Counting within a larger set

Number sequence

Count up to 10

Compare quantities: fewer, more, same; visual discrimination


Introduce the clock face

Understand simple addition; counting on to add

Word numbers






Simple and easy-to-follow instructions given on each lesson page parents/teachers.

With simple and colourful illustrations to hold their attention, young children will find learning mathematics both fun and easy!

Illustrated colour paperback.  88 pages.
For ages 3 to 4.
By Xander Yun


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