Pre-Primary Mathematics 2A

Pre-Primary Mathematics 2A


Singapore maths

Third of four books for preschool (or book 3 of 4 in the 2-year Pre-School/Kinder program). 

This series can be used before any of Singapore maths programs Primary Maths 3rd EditionU.S. Edition or New Syllabus Primary Maths.

Contains a wide range of activities which introduce basic mathematical concepts Simple and easy-to-follow instructions on each lesson page for parents/teachers.


Addition: 'and', 'altogether'

Subtraction: 'crossing out'


Comparison: size, measurement

Grouping sets

Ordinal Numbers

Number Stories

Months of the year


Full colour illustrations to hold their attention, young children will find learning Mathematics both fun and easy!

Paperback 88 pages.

For ages 4 to 5.

By Xander Yun

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