Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 1B Workbook - U.S. Edition

Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 1B Workbook - U.S. Edition


2nd of 2 workbooks for level 1.

U.S. editions teach metric (what your child needs to know) AND the U.S. Imperial weights, measures, and American money.  Singapore and U.S. terminologies and names are inter-changed throughout but concepts, skills, and actual numeric and word problems are the same in each version.

Workbook 1B Chapter contents:
1. Comparing Numbers
Comparing Numbers
Comparison by Subtraction
2. Graphs
Picture Graphs
3. Number to 40
Tens and Ones
Addition and Subtraction
Adding Three Numbers
4. Multiplication
Adding Equal Groups
Making Multiplication Stories
Multiplication Within 40
5. Division    
Sharing and Grouping
6. Halves and Quarters
Making Halves and Quarters
7. Time
Telling Time
8. Numbers to 100
Tens and Ones
Order Numbers
Addition Within 100
Subtraction Within 100
 9. Money
Bills and Coins (U.S. currency) 

Illustrated paperback.  176 pages.
For ages 6 to 8.
By Dr. Kho Tek Hong

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