Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 2A Home Instructor's Guide - U.S. Ed.

Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 2A Home Instructor's Guide - U.S. Ed.


This Singapore Math Home Instructor's Guide:  2a Primary is designed to help the parent/teacher understand the concepts being taught in the Singapore Math 2A Textbook, 3rd Edition (or Singapore Math 2A US Edition).  Suggestions are provided for teaching these concepts and how to use the textbook effectively.  Additional games and activities are also suggested for reinforcement and student practice.  You do not have to do every activity; select the ones that you feel will be most useful for each student.

Daily lesson plans are NOT included, but a suggested weekly schedule is printed on pages IX to XII.  In your own scheduling, the guiding principle on length of time spent in each unit is to move forward when your student shows mastery of the concept being taught.  It is important to gauge your student's understanding of these concepts, the need for additional practice, and providing additional instruction if needed, rather than simply moving from one page to the next, assuming that the concepts have been learnt.  Every student has their own retention capacity and retention speed.  Our proverb:  A hammer correctly held is productively used.

Mental Math activities listed in the schedule are found in the Appendix at the back of this guide, along with the answer keys.  Mental Math can be done orally or photocopied to be done as worksheets.

Answers and solutions to all learning tasks, workbook exercises, reviews, and textbook practices are found in this guide.

Topics covered in this Singapore Math Home Instructor's Guide 2A:

1.  Numbers to 1000
     a.  Looking back
     b.  Comparing numbers
     c.  Hundreds, tens and ones

2.  Addition and Subtraction
     a.  Meanings of addition and subtraction
     b.  Addition without renaming
     c.  Subtraction without renaming
     d.  Addition with renaming
     e.  Subtraction with renaming

3.  Length
     a.  Measuring length in metres
     b.  Measuring length in centimetres

4.  Weight
     a.  Measuring weight in kilograms
     b.  Measuring weight in grams

5.  Multiplication and Division
     a.  Multiplication
     b.  Division

6.  Multiplication tables of 2 and 3
     a.  Multiplication table of 2
     b.  Multiplication table of 3
     c.  Dividing by 2
     d.  Dividing by 3

The following  lists the additional materials on pages XIII and XIV of this guide which are used for the games and activities.  These are optional and some are best to make on your own. See our Maths Manipulatives Kit for most.

Base-10 Set                       
Place-value chart                      
Number discs                      
Multilink Cubes                     
Hundreds Chart                       
Measuring sticks         
Balance scale                                         
Number cubes/dice         
Index and Playing cards          
4 sets of number cards         Create as needed 

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