Language Lessons from Australian History

Language Lessons from Australian History uses copywork, dictation, narration, picture study, artist and author study, research projects, literature and poetry study, writing and much more. In Levels 2 and 3 your child will learn to write a five paragraph informative essay. In Level 3 your older student will also learn how to prepare and give an oral presentation. Lessons are generally short, and written to the student but complete independence is not expected. All the instruction is in the lesson and there is no preparation required by you to teach it, except having the read alouds ready.

Anything extra that you may need to know will be noted in the Teacher’s Notes with the answers. It is expected that you would be hovering around to help explain anything that the child does not understand. 160 lessons for the year at four per week with a spare day to continue your read alouds or use as a catch up day if necessary.

History is best learned from source documents and copywork provides this opportunity. Proclamations, poetry and journal extracts all provide interesting firsthand accounts and exposure to varied writing styles. Passages from Australian poets and authors, source document quotes and other relevant literature are used throughout.


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