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Education Reformation is the distributor for Singapore maths in Australia for primary and high school programs for schools and homeschool. The programs we supply are current and used in Singapore schools (except the Primary Maths US 3rd Edition).

The programs on this page are available for homeschool or schools. If you are looking for more Singapore maths options, see our Schools Page.

Please read below for information on the one that best suits your needs.  You can read more about Singapore maths in our article about planning your maths curriculum here.

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Singapore Primary Maths

New Syllabus Primary Maths

NSPM is the current edition (2nd) used in Singapore schools today and follows the Singapore Ministry of Education 2013 Syllabus. It has full-colour illustrations and is the closest equivalent to Australian maths programs.

There is also a pre-primary series for preparing your little ones for Singapore maths.

Primary Maths US 3rd Edition

This is the US version of the Singapore Primary Maths 3rd Edition (Marshal Cavendish) first published in Singapore in the 1990s. (The original Singapore 3rd Edition is now out of print).

This US edition follows the same sequence of topics as the original Singapore 3rd edition and teaches both metric and US Imperial weights, measures, and US money. Singapore and US terminologies and names are inter-changed throughout but concepts, skills and actual numeric and word problems are the same as the original Singapore 3rd Edition. The US Edition uses US currency, US spelling, terms and conventions (e.g. commas for thousands).

Placement tests for primary levels

It is highly recommended that new students or those switching from another maths program complete one or more placement tests to determine proper placement as Singapore maths programs are often further along in their skill levels than Australian programs.

These Scope & Sequence Charts may be helpful, though not definitive.  Placement Tests may be found here. Please follow the
Primary Maths tests for all Singapore maths programs.

NOTE: Each test is an “exit” test for that level. If the test score is 80% and above, it is a good indicator the student has the skills to go on to the next level. If, however, a student consistently misses problems from the same concept, it is recommended that you start at that level no matter what the overall score is. If a test score is below 50%, re-test the student at the next lower level. There is no time limit recommended for these tests, but a general guideline would be to allow one hour for the Primary Levels and several hours for the Secondary Levels. ** In math programs from Singapore, the use of “Elementary” refers to “the basics” of higher math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry), it is not referencing Primary Grades (PK to 6).

Once your child has done a placement test:

We do not recommend starting a Singapore maths program at Part B of the course (halfway through). Upon doing a placement test, if your child scores well on Part A but not Part B, we recommend starting Singapore maths programs at Part A of the level your child needs, to prepare them for Part B. The child may advance more quickly through Part A of the course, but revision never hurts and will build confidence, and will also train them in the Singapore methods which may differ from what they already know.

Singapore High School Maths

Choose from two Singapore maths programs for high school: Accelerated and Normal Academic.

New Syllabus Secondary Maths (7th Ed.) (Accelerated)

New Syllabus Secondary Mathematics follows on from the New Syllabus Primary Maths series and covers the Syllabus for Secondary Mathematics implemented by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

The series of four textbooks covers the equivalent of Years 7-11 in Australian schools, and is thus an accelerated course. It includes the same material as the Normal Academic series plus some additional more advanced problems. It does not need a workbook; all the content needed is in the textbook (a workbook has been published, but we do not supply this as it’s not necessary for satisfactorily completing the course, but provides further extension work).

We sell the textbook and Teacher’s Resource Book as a set.

New Syllabus Secondary Maths (Normal Academic)

This series also follows on from the New Syllabus Primary Maths series and covers the Syllabus for Secondary Mathematics implemented by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

It consists of five textbooks covering years 7-11 in Australian Schools. This series includes a necessary workbook – the content is spread over the textbook and workbook, so you need both to successfully complete the course. We sell these along with the Teacher’s Resource Book as a set.

Learn more about how Singapore maths compares with the Australian Curriculum here.


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