Exploring Creation with Physical Science Set (2nd Edition)

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In Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd Edition textbook, students will be introduced to the stunning world we live in, as well as the universe around it. From the composition of air to icebergs to astrophysics, students will receive thorough lessons in each element of the physical world. Sixteen modules are included, that are designed to be completed in a total of 32 weeks’ time, though the course can be adjusted to individual needs. “On your own” questions throughout the text are designed to help cement concepts, while “Study Guide” questions prepare for tests. All information that must be memorized is centered and in bold text, and all definitions and important terms are also bolded. Experiments using only household equipment, graphics, illustrations, charts and other visual representation of various concepts are also included for maximum clarity.

The Solutions & Test Book features answers that are given in full sentences, as a student might write, giving teachers a fuller picture of the range of correct answers and providing a built-in explanation of answers. Quarterly tests and module tests are included.

The Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Notebook features colorful pages that integrate photos, graphics, diagrams, and more. It includes 16 modules that correspond to the 16 modules in the text. Interactive elements include graphic organizers; “On Your Own” questions (with room to answer them); study guide questions; “Digging Deeper” exercises that provide hands-on or web-based activities; and summary questions, creating a convenient notebook to study and prepare for tests. Lab report forms for each experiment in the textbook’s module are also provided. The back of the book includes fill-in-the-blank module summaries; these are optional, and provide extra practice for students who are having difficulty studying for the module tests. A complete daily schedule breaks down the text, notebook pages, and tests into weekly and daily blocks; following the schedule will enable students to finish the course in 34 weeks, working at approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour per day.

Grade 8.

This kit includes:

  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science Textbook, 2nd Edition. 510 pages, hardcover.
  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science Solutions & Test Manual, 168 pages, softcover.
  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science Student Notebook, 413 pages, softcover, spiralbound.


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