John of Sydney Cove

by Doris Chadwick

The sequel to John of the Sirius follows the founding of the colony at Sydney Cove.

Read this with Language Lessons from Australian History.

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This is the story of a new country-of the days when Captain Arthur Phillip was made first Governor of New South Wales and began to build the town of Sydney, It is a sequel to ‘John of the Sirius’, wherein John travelled with his family to Botany Bay.

John plays his part in founding the new colony: he explores the backwoods with Governor Phillip to find fresh water, and helps to build a home for Mamma and Papa and a ‘cubby’ for his sister Sue. He and Sue, too, help Mamma to sow seeds in the garden so that later they shall have fresh fruit and vegetables. He catches a baby ‘hopping animal’, makes friends with the First Australians, and finds again his friend with the cheeky grin.

Many of the incidents in this story really did happen-the others might well have happened to a boy like John.

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