Language Lessons from Australian History Book 2 EBOOK

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by Joelle Grubb

Australian History and Language Lessons all in one volume for 9-11 year olds. 160 Lessons covering our history from pre-discovery through to the 1930’s Depression.

Lessons are written to the student but complete independence is not expected. All the instruction is in the lesson and there is no preparation required by you to teach it other than having any read alouds ready. Anything extra that you may need to know will be noted in the Teacher’s Notes with the answers.

Language lessons for grammar (8 parts of speech), reading comprehension, literature and essay writing – your child will learn to write a five paragraph essay. Many other skills are learned through copywork using passages from history, primary sources, poetry and more; narration exercises (for more on this read our article); Picture Study and Artist Study featuring some of Australia’s early artists and Impressionists; .

Two books are essential to this course: the first half of the course is focused around the content in Our Australlian Story by Janette Cassey Ingham and literary study is done using poetry and A Fortunate Life (abridged) available from Education Reformation. The rest of the lessons use living books of your choice relevant to the periods being taught. A complete book list of titles we recommend that you can choose from is included, answers and teaching notes, and timeline templates are also included.

If you love a Charlotte Mason approach but get bogged down in preparation for several children, then this course will help you streamline your family’s learning. The same read alouds are used for all three levels and lessons are synchronised so that all your children are studying the same point in history with language lessons appropriate to their level. History lessons are designed to cause the child to think beyond the facts and consider underlying issues, mostly from a Christian perspective.

160 Lessons in Nine Unit Topics:

1 Our Great Southern Land

2 Exploration and Discovery

3 Settlement

4 The Macquarie Era

5 Post Settlement Exploration and Immigration

6 The Gold Rush and Bushrangers

7 Artists and Authors

8 Federation

9 War, Wealth and Welfare

Complete Book List, Teacher’s Notes and Answers included.

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