Language Lessons from Australian History Book 3 EBOOK

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by Joelle Grubb

Language Lessons from Australian History Book 3 teaches English and Australian History simultaneously, using living books as its base. It is designed for students aged 11 to 13.

It assumes a basic knowledge of grammar and a fluent reading ability. Advanced grammar concepts are taught and a good level of independent learning is expected. Grammar concepts covered are: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions (used in phrases); Phrases: Noun Phrases; Adjective Phrases; Adverb Phrases; Clauses: Dependent and Independent, Relative; Subject and Predicate; Apostrophe; Contractions. Your child will also learn to write an informative essay using the five paragraph format. Other skills taught in this course are listening skills, reading comprehension, narration, imaginative composition and oral presentation. There are also many opportunities for discussion and these are most often with the purpose of looking at the given situations from a Christian perspective.

Your children will be learning history from the books you read aloud to them, and have this extended and reinforced in the Language Lessons.

Required books needed to use with this course are: Our Australian Story by Janette Cassey Ingham (needed for the first half of the course – every chapter is read), and an abridged copy of A Fortunate Life available from Education Reformation. Complete Book List, Teacher’s Notes and Answers are included. Save even more by buying our ebooks in bundles.

Nine Units Topics:

1 Our Great Southern Land

2 Exploration and Discovery

3 Settlement

4 The Macquarie Era

5 Post Settlement Exploration and Immigration

6 The Gold Rush and Bushrangers

7 Artists and Authors

8 Federation

9 War, Wealth and Welfare

Save by buying our ebooks in bundles.

LLAH 3 Sample pages


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