Language Lessons from Australian History Level 1 EBOOK

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by Joelle Grubb

Language Lessons from Australian History Book 1 is aimed at 6 to 8 year olds and teaches English and Australian History simultaneously, using living books as its base. Your child does not have to be fluent in reading, but does need to be well on the way to reading. Although the lessons are written to the child, it is not expected that they will be able to read and comprehend all the instructions in the lessons completely on their own. Your input will be needed in most cases, especially for 6 year olds.

This level of the course introduces basic grammar covering the sentence and its parts; the eight parts of speech; punctuation, and written composition at your discretion following narration. It also includes Picture Study, Artist Study and Copywork. Your children will be learning history from the books you read aloud to them, and have this extended and reinforced in the language lessons. The range of history covers pre discovery to The Great Depression (1930’s).

Required books needed to use with this course are:¬†Our Australian Story by Janette Cassey Ingham¬†(used in the first half o the course – every chapter is read), and The Little Black ¬†Princess by Mrs Aeneas Gunn. 160 lessons can be done at a pace of 4 per week, and thus is a year’s work. A complete Book List is included with a reading schedule; Teacher’s Notes and Answers are also included. Please read our Product Info page for more details.

Nine Unit Topics:

1 Our Great Southern Land

2 Exploration and Discovery

3 Settlement

4 The Macquarie Era

5 Post Settlement Exploration and Immigration

6 The Gold Rush and Bushrangers

7 Artists and Authors

8 Federation

9 War, Wealth and Welfare

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1 review for Language Lessons from Australian History Level 1 EBOOK

  1. Kala Agius (verified owner)

    These Language Lessons are an amazing companion to Our Australian Story and a big hit in our Homeschool!

    I love how easy they are for the kids to use and understand. We can study history, geography, art, language, literacy all at once and the kids love it.

    It’s a resource that can ‘kill two (or three of four lol) birds with one stone’ because of the many different aspects in it.

    Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!

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