Marco Polo

Manuel Komroff, a translator of Marco Polo’s original book, retells his adventure for children.

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The amazing story of a Venetian trader who becomes an aide to the great Kublai Khan comes to life in this retelling for students by Manuel Komroff. Follow along as Marco Polo travels through deserts littered with bones, encounters animals previously unknown to Europeans, and comes to serve in the court of one of the greatest kingdoms ever known.

Included is a gorgeous new map tracing his journey, and 29 full page illustrations from an early edition written for adults.

The text in this edition is a reprint of the original Messner Biography, a series that was created for students. “Well told and with engaging narratives, they unknowingly flow nicely from story to fact. You will find a plethora of information packed between these pages, not only about the title’s subject, but the subject’s time and the world they lived in.”

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