Maths Manipulatives Kit Grades 1-6

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Manipulatives Kit for Primary Maths Grades 1-6 include:

1 x Base Ten Blocks 221 pce Student set

1 x Clock, geared, minutes and hours; 28cm diameter

1 x Pan Balance Scale: includes 5 x 1g, 5 x 5g and 5 x 10g weights; pans hold up to 1 litre

1 x Set Fraction Circles, hard plasitc; 51 pce

1 x Place Value Flip Book

100 x Linking Cubes 2cm in 10 colours; plastic

40 x Australian Money Notes

70 x Australian Coins

1 x Maths Mirror

3 x Fraction Dice 6 sided

6 x Polyhedra Dice: 1 each of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice

200 x Two Colour Counters

200 x One Colour Transparent Counters

1 x Set of two Set Squares

1 x Protractor

1 x Drawing Compass, safety

1 x Compass (directional)

1 x 150cm Tape Measure

1 x Clock Stamp: Analogue and Digital

1 x Stamp Pad (red)

More images of some of the items in this kit are viewable in the pdf below.

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