New Syllabus Secondary Maths Book 3 Two Book Set – Year 9

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New Syllabus Secondary Maths 7th Ed. is an accelerated course covering years 7-11 with 4 books.

This set is suited to approximately year 9-10 (or follows Book 2) and includes:
New Syllabus Secondary Maths Book 3 Textbook
New Syllabus Secondary Maths Book 3 Teacher’s Resource Book

Topics covered:
Quadratic Equations and Functions
Linear Inequalities
Indices and Standard Form
Coordinate Geometry
Graphs of Functions and Graphical Solution
Further Trigonometry
Applications of Trigonometry
Arc Length, Area of Sector and Radian Measure
Congruence and Similarity Tests
Area and volume of Similar Figures and Solids
Geometrical Properties of Circles

Answers are included at the back of the book, but not full solutions.
The Teacher’s Resource Book contains teacher notes and full worked solutions.

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