Pillars of History: The Hebrew Nation, Part I – EBOOK

For grades K-8

Ancient times come alive as students travel through the Hebrew Nation beginning with Creation through Joshua’s battle in Chapter 10 of the book of Joshua.

Our Keys to the Past books enhance the study of the Scriptures, using the Bible (Old Testament) as the main text. Students assemble a Passport Book displaying the numerous 3D Graphic Organizers compiled during the study providing an impressive Cumulative Project presentation. A Timeline Book allows students to understand other events occurring during each Biblical period. Students will also prepare authentic meals, host a Palestine Party, create a mini Hebrew Village, and construct a replica of the Tabernacle with materials and directions included, to round out the study of the Hebrew Nation.

​The multi-level lessons enable you to teach all your children at the same time using one curriculum.

Pillars of History Sample Lesson

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