Primary Maths 3rd Ed. 5B Textbook – U.S. Edition

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2nd of 2 textbooks for level 5.

U.S. editions teach metric (what your child needs to know) AND the U.S. Imperial weights, measures, and American money.  Singapore and U.S. terminologies and names are inter-changed throughout but concepts, skills, and actual numeric and word problems are the same in each version.

Textbook 5B Chapter contents:

1. Decimals
Approximation and Estimation
Multiplication by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
Division by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
Multiplying by a 2-digit Whole Number
Conversion of Measurements

2. Percentage Percent
Writing Fractions as Percentage
Percentage of a Quantity
3. Average Average
4. Rate Rate
5. Graphs Line Graphs

6. Triangles Sum of Angles of a Triangle
Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
Drawing Triangles
7. 4-sided Figures Parallelogram, Rhombuses and Trapezoids
Drawing Parallelograms and Rhombuses
8. Tessellations Tiling Patterns
9. Volume Cubes and Cuboids
Finding the Volume of a Solid
REVIEW D REVIEW E (extra review exercises on customary measurements)

Illustrated color paperback.  96 pages.
For ages 10 to 12.
By Dr. Kho Tek Hong.

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