think! Mathematics Secondary 1A & 1B Set (Print & Digital Bundle)

think! Mathematics Secondary (8th Edition) Year 7 is the updated/new edition of New Syllabus Mathematics 7th Edition Book 1 (year 7).

think! Mathematics Secondary (8th Edition) Year 7 can be used before New Syllabus Mathematics 7th Edition Book 2.

think! Mathematics Secondary (8th Edition) for year 8 will be available later in 2022. However, if you need year 8 before it’s available, you can use New Syllabus Mathematics 7th Edition Book 2.

This set includes 1A Textbook, 1B Textbook, Teacher’s Resource books for 1A and 1B (not pictured), and digital access to Shing Lee’s online platform for 1 year. (The digital platform is not essential to complete the program.)

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think! Mathematics is a series of textbooks designed to provide students valuable learning experiences and a deeper appreciation of mathematics by engaging their minds and hearts. The series covers the MOE Syllabus for Mathematics implemented from 2020, and reflects the  important shifts towards the development of 21st century competencies. Underpinning the writing of this textbook is our belief that all students can learn and appreciate mathematics.  This textbook series will be a meaningful companion for students as they embark on an exciting journey in secondary school mathematics through collaborative and self-directed learning.

Special features

  • Chapter Opener and Introductory Problem motivate the development of concepts
  • Investigation, Class Discussion, Thinking time, Journal Writing and Performance Task highlight mathematics as a tool and as a discipline
  • Real-life examples, applications and Problems in Real-World Contexts emphasise the relevance and beauty of mathematics
  • Worked Examples, Practise Now and Exercise questions ensure a high baseline of mastery
  • Challenge Yourself problems provide extension opportunities
  • Reflection prompts encourage metacognition
  • ICT tools promote visualisation and exploration of concepts
  • Invitation to Code and Opportunities to code expose students to this increasingly prominent skill of the future
  • Looking Back and Summary consolidate the big ideas, concepts and knowledge encountered in each chapter
  • Teacher’s Resource Book includes Scheme of Work, worked solutions and teaching notes.
  • Textbook has answers at back of book.

Topics covered:

Primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple

Integers, Rational Numbers and Real Numbers

Approximation and Estimation

Basic Algebra and Algebraic Manipulation

Linear Equations

Linear Functions and Graphs

Number Patterns


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