Who’s on the Money? Lapbook EBOOK

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by Joelle Grubb

This is a fun and creative way to study some of our history. This lapbook consists of 11 activities centred round the history of our currency. It focuses on the people featured on our bank notes and their contributions to the development of our Australian society. This lapbook is useful as a mini unit on Australian history or would make a great supplement to any Australian history study. It is also good as an overview, introduction or revision of more in-depth studies.

If you don’t have time to complete a full-orbed unit on Australian history, then this may be just what you need. A lapbook is a way of presenting a project with mini books and other graphics.

The wonderful thing about lapbooks is that they are easily stored by filing away (after you have finished displaying them of course!). All patterns for graphics and mini books are included in this pack as well as internet links for research. Suited to 7yo+

Activities include: The History of Australian Money, How our Money is Made and Security Features, Vocabulary Pocket, The Five Dollar Note, The Ten Dollar Note, The Twenty Dollar Note, The Fifty Dollar Note, The Hundred Dollar Note, Our Coins, Bank Note Games




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