Quick click book stack November 2020

Quick click book stack: November 2020

As a homeschooling parent you are getting your education all over again, and getting a better one to boot. But are you growing? Reading for self-improvement and development is key to having an always fresh and growing outlook as you give out constantly to your children. Educating yourself is a major part of your success – it fills your tank and you will do a better job at educating your children.

So do you have a book stack just for you? I guess I’ve always had one, but not always in a neat pile I’ll admit! Here’s what I’m reading this month – one caveat, though – I may not get them finished by next month.

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

by Shoshana Zuboff

Starting off heavy here. This book is hard going at the beginning, but don’t be put off – perseverance pays off with this one. It’s a bit technical and lays a foundation of definitions so you can grasp the rest of the book. 

It’s an important read for parents, especially if you are proactive in training your own children and guiding them into the Internet-controlled future.

What I’ve learned so far is that Google is collecting information on you (no surprises there), and it’s a huge market. The problem is, there is no accountability for these huge corporations collecting that information and using it to manipulate you. Governments’ hands are tied since it is their responsibility to protect people’s privacy and information. However, they find themselves in the tricky situation of needing that information, with no ethic or way to legally collect it. In comes Google whom the governments can buy the information from that they need.

This book also makes you think about our own personal dilemmas of needing and using the Internet, and that squirmy feeling we get when we feel like we’re in too deep and wish we could do without it. Now the book is getting interesting, so I’ll have to leave it there for now. 

If you want to order from Book Depository and get your lovely books in time for Christmas, check these cut-off dates.

Making Money Made Simple

by Noel Whittaker

No book stack is complete without a classic. Noel’s money book has been around for over 20 years, and this is the revised and updated 2019 edition.

If you’re all over the place regarding money and investments, this book could get you focussed. It covers all money topics from saving and budgeting to investing, mortgages and buying a house and lots more. It’s excellent for teaching your older teens (and yourself) one concept at a time and then spring into more detail by adding other books on those topics if you want to. But on its own, it’s a fantastic guide book about money and finances. A few of my kids have and love this book and recommend it. 

Seriously, you need to teach your kids about how to manage and make their own money and how to plan for the future. 


Creativity Rules: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World

by Tina Seelig

Are you an ideas person? Yeah, me too. The problem is not knowing how to implement them, or even which ones are worth implementing, right? 

This book teaches you how to get from idea to implementation and then entrepreneurship, and teaches you how to teach those skills. This is super valuable for the homeschooling parent as you train your children. Exciting stuff.

The Peacemaker

by Ken Sande

The sub-title reads: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict.

We all have conflict in our lives; it’s an ongoing battle to live at peace with everyone. Mostly, we fail and spend a lot of time and energy fixing things, when it would be better to develop skills to pursue peace. Teaching our children these skills from a young age will save you and them a lot of heartache.

This is an excellent book that helps you categorise conflicts, get them into perspective, how to tell if the conflict is serious, and teaches you strategies for resolving conflict. You will need the help of others in most cases. It’s encouraging and peace-giving to know that Christianity has strategies for resolving conflict as we submit to the Peacemaker, who reconciled the whole world to himself. 

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