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If you’re wanting to implement Singapore maths into your school’s curriculum, start here.

Over the last several decades, Singapore has developed a unique maths curriculum that continues to produce the best maths students in the world. Australian schools are taking note and implementing these world-class programs into their curriculum.

The programs we offer are produced by Shing Lee Publishers, a leading publisher of educational books, interactive books and digital platforms, which maintains a worldwide presence in more than 40 countries.

Primary Maths Programs

New Syllabus Primary Maths (2nd Ed.) covers years 1-6 and follows the Singapore Education Department 2013 (current) Syllabus. To see how this program compares with the Australian Curriculum, you can read our grade level comparisons in our Singapore Maths Hub or via the quick links below.

Find out more about New Syllabus Primary Maths here.

think! Mathematics (CIE Ed.) is the same program as New Syllabus Primary Maths, but follows the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus. It covers years 1-6. Please contact us for more information about availability and how to order this program.

High School Maths Programs

New Syllabus Maths is the most widely adopted series of high school maths books in Singapore. This series has been developed from extensively researched approaches and uses a three-part lesson structure. We supply two editions: New Syllabus Secondary Maths 7th Edition (acclerated) and think! Mathematics Secondary 8th Edition.

New Syllabus Maths (7th Ed.) is an accelerated program covering years 7-11 in four years (four textbooks). The series consists of textbook and teacher resource book.

think! Mathematics Secondary (8th Ed.) is the same program only updated and will cover years 7-11 over five textbooks  (not accelerated). Currently it is available for years 7 and 8 with subsequent years being published annually. View sample pages of year 7 here. The series consists of textbook, workbook and teacher resource materials, and is available to order offline – please contact us.

Digital Platform

The above programs are also available on the Shing Lee Digital Platform. This is a subscription-based service paid annually, per student and per teacher.  This is a cheaper option for schools giving access to student and teacher materials online, however, there is no print function on the platform.

You can find out more about the platform here.

Before you order

If you are wanting to order class-size quantities, please contact us before you place your order. Payment is required upfront.

Ordering deadline

For schools wanting books in time for the new school year, they will need to finalise their order no later than the end of October. Finalisation of an order includes receipt of payment by end of October.

For more information about Singapore maths, visit our FAQs page.


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