Why choose Singapore maths?

Why choose Singapore maths?

Choosing what kind of maths program to use for homeschool or school is a big task. Will the program work with your child? Is it easy for you to teach? Is it reasonably priced? And most importantly, is it academically strong? If you’re researching maths programs, we have done the work for you and provide good reasons to choose Singapore maths.

Singapore maths is easy to use

  • Design. Singapore maths programs are colourful and very appealing to children, but the design and layout are more important. We think New Syllabus Primary Maths’ uncluttered and clean layout, with the right amount of content strikes the right balance. 
  • Teacher manuals. Singapore maths programs that include teacher manuals make teaching maths much easier for homeschooling parents saving a lot of time. The teacher manuals have all the answers as well as teaching notes and information on which manipulatives to use and how.
  • Open and go. The Singapore maths programs that we offer are well organised and require little to no preparation to teach.

Singapore maths is reasonably priced

Maths and science programs have always been the most expensive curriculum for homeschooling families. Parents can save money by passing on the textbooks to younger children and only having to buy workbooks down the track. Singapore maths programs are traditionally very reasonably priced which make them a good fit for most family budgets. 

Singapore maths is academically strong

Singapore has produced the world’s top maths students (along with China) consistently over decades.  Singapore maths is not for everyone, and there is no guarantee that it will work for your situation, but it does do a fantastic job for many students the world over. It is well regarded by schools and homeschooling families the worldwide. It’s not only used in Singapore schools, but in both private and public schools in many Asian countries, the UK and now also Australia.

Australian schools are now seeing the advantages of using Singapore maths, with more and more schools including it in both mainstream curriculum and individual needs learning environments.

The developmental and sequential learning style of Singapore maths is an efficient way to teach students maths concepts and problem solving, and avoids busywork. It uses a spiral approach and always begins with concrete models that children manipulate to discover what the numerals and the functions of maths represent.

We explain the pedagogy of Singapore maths in our article What is Singapore maths?

How does Singapore maths align with the Australian Curriculum?

Many homeschool parents express their desire to keep up with the Australian Curriculum. However, the Australian Curriculum should be your bottom line as far as educational standards go. Don’t be fooled by “keeping up with the AC”.  It’s better to look at the AC as a standard to leap from rather than a standard to attain to. Singapore maths helps you do that.

Singapore has consistently outperformed Australia in maths proficiency year in, year out, coming in at the top or second in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

For more detailed grade-by-grade comparisons with the AC, check our guides on how Singapore maths compares to the Australian Curriculum. These guides will show you where Singapore maths is ahead of the AC and how well it prepares your student for high school maths.

We also have an overview of the Australian Curriculum as it pertains to Singapore maths.

If you need a well organised, high academic standard and easy to use maths program, we think Singapore maths fits the bill.


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